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Crown Molding & Trim Painting

One easy way to bring a home’s interior aesthetics up a notch and create an elegant and warm feeling is to paint the trims. Choose our company if you seek experts in crown molding and trim painting in Brampton, Ontario. More importantly, our team is experienced with all types of trims and their materials, ensuring the utmost results at all times. Whether you want all crowns and trims in your home painted or just some millwork refreshed, Brampton Painters is at your service.

Free estimates for crown molding & trim painting in Brampton

Crown Molding & Trim Painting Brampton

Let’s do the obvious. Let’s make an appointment to discuss your crown molding and trim painting Brampton needs. Should we do that? What we do is send a pro to check the trims you want painted. This way, they can see what’s needed and offer you a color consultation along with an estimate for the trim painting service. Since getting a consultation and estimate doesn’t cost anything and is also free of charge, why don’t you contact us?

Specialists in trim and crown painting

One of the basic reasons why you should choose our team for molding painting is our experience. Not only our experience as painters but also with all moldings. Traditionally, interior moldings ranged from picture and chair rails to door and window casings and baseboards. Crowns stand at the top of all other moldings, making the awkward point between ceilings and walls elegant.

Crown moldings often go hand in hand with over-counter cabinets, maintaining continuity. No wonder many customers like to book kitchen cabinets and crown molding painting. Since most people prefer the same color for crowns and baseboards, they usually book painting for baseboards and crowns. Those who feel it’s time to paint door casings often want the doors painted as well. And since they like the same color for doors and windows, all such structural elements are painted.

You can have any & all moldings painted. You can choose the colors, finishes, and color combinations, and be sure that you will get expert consultation from us.

From foam trims to wood crowns, moldings are painted despite the material

Since moldings are made of different materials, from wood to foam, to meet different aesthetic needs and budgets or to fit curved walls, the paint products are chosen accordingly. The prep work, anything from cleaning to fixing, is also done with full respect to the trim’s material. The pros pay the utmost attention, from start to finish, ensuring flawless work that lasts for a very long time. Of course, all pros have completed numerous crown molding and trim painting jobs and that’s a fact that underlines their expertise and experience.

Need baseboard painting? Door casing painting? Let’s talk

The benefits of having trims painted are plenty. Possible cracks and other imperfections are addressed. Debris is removed. A fresh color will point out their elegance and sophistication. Your home regains its lost glamour and its value is increased. Trims provide architectural interest, add depth, and create rooms with character. Let us make sure they continue to do so. Contact our team if you are interested in painting trims. The best in Brampton crown molding and trim painting team is at your service.